6th AEGEAN RTTY CONTEST  16 and 17 of May 2015



AegeanRadioamateurs Association –A.R.A. (Samos isl.)
"SV-QRP" magazine

«5-9 Report» the Hellenic radio amateurs issue.
Participants:Any licensed amateur station.

Date:            3rdfull weekend of May, from 12:00 UTC Saturday till 12:00 UTC Sunday For 2015 is   16 and 17 of May



Bands:10, 15, 20, 40 and 80 meters, according to the IARU Region 1 band plan.

1) Single operator all band
2) Multi operators all bands.

Contest call:"CQ AEGEAN TEST". Or «ARTTY TEST» or any other msg.

Valid contacts:Any station can be contacted during the contest.

Every station can be contacted once per band.

Exchange:  RST + QSOnumber starting with 001.

On 10, 15, 20 meters one (1) point for QSO within own continent

On 10, 15, 20 meters two (2) points QSO outside own continent

On 40, 80 meters three (3) point for QSO within own continent

On 40, 80 meters six (6) point for QSO outside own continent.

QSO with QRP Station multiply X 2 the individual point(s)

QSO with station with prefix SV5, SV8 and SV9 will multiply X3 the point(s) to individual QSO

Station outside of the town and working with generator, solar, battery or wind generator. Add twenty (20) points at total.

Station working as QRP add twenty (20) points at total.

QSO with station with not ITU valid call, subtract twenty (20) points.

Example 1: SV3xxx have QSO with station SV8xxx/QRP at 40m.

[{3 points X 2 (QRP)} =6 X 3(SV8) = 18 points for this QSO

Example 2: YO3xxx have QSO with station SV3xxx/QRP at 20m.

{1 point X 2 (QRP station)} = 2 points

Example 3:  SV6xxx have QSO with station YU7xxx/QRP at80m.

{3 points X 2 (QRP)} = 6 points for thisQSO

---------- No penalty's ---------


Any type of log is accepted (Cabrillo, excels, word, and papers) --the best for us is  Cabrillo--

Logs should be sent as an e-mail attachment, not in the text of the e-mail,  or for papers to  P.O.Box04  83100 Samos HELLAS (Greece)

Deadline:All logs must be e-mailed or mailed by 15 June 2015.

End of June will publish the calls of received logs for any mistake or objection …

to official site:

73 to all

Aegean RTTY Contest manager  

Alex.Karpathiou  de SV8CYR

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